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Steps of flashing the Garmin Nuvi 2x5W Set to Garmin Nuvi 2x5w(Local) With Junction View

You are advised to back up the files in the Garmin Nuvi before attempting any update.

1. Remove your Mermory Card (if any) from your Garmin Unit.

2. Connect your Garmin Unit to the computer using the USB Cable.

3. DELETE away the VOICE and the TEXT folder inside the Garmin Folder. (If you do not delete the files away, problems will occur after the firmware update rendering your device useless). REMEMBER NOT TO COPY BACK THE ORIGINAL VOICE / TEXT. DOWNLOAD THE LOAD IN THE VOICE / TEXT PROVIDED.

4. After deleting the voice and text folder, disconnect the Garmin Unit from the computer.

5. Then Switch OFF the Garmin Unit.

STEP 2: Flash the Garmin Unit to SG/MY Firmware

1. Download v2.30 firmware.

2. Unzip the downloaded file.

3. Left Click and hold (Don’t let go) on this 093001000230.rgn, drag and drop to Updater.exe

4. Under Connection Setting, Select USB Device.

5. Slide and HOLD the Power Button of the Nuvi, then quickly plug in the USB cable to connect to the computer. (Continue to hold the power button).

6. The updater.exe will detect the USB Device with your model software and Unit ID. (Continue to hold the power button)

7. Click "Ok" to process the flashing.

8. Release the Power Button AFTER you see the LOADER appear on the Garmin Unit.

9. Let it process the software loading (Do Not Disconnect your Garmin unit from your computer) till it complete.

10. Once the update complete, disconnect the Garmin unit from the computer. Let the Garmin unit boot till is ready to use.

11. You have successful flashing the Garmin unit to the local version.

STEP 3: Get your Garmin Unit updated to the latest firmware, text and Voice
1. Download the v2.60 firmware from

2. Follow the instructions. The update will install the latest TEXT, VOICE and firmware onto your Nuvi.

3. Download the local voice / text files and put the files into the respective directories.



STEP 4: Next, Loading Maps with JCV(Junction View) On Garmin Unit
1. Check out your Unit ID Number of the Garmin unit. Go to Tools>Setting>System>About

2. Visit to get your unlock code base on your Unit ID. (Copy the code down somewhere)

3. Download the maps from

4. When asked for the unlock key, key in the code generated earlier.

5. The maps will be transferred automatically to your device.

Now you got your Garmin Unit with the map and junction view up!


  1. After I use your method flash my nuvi255W US.
    When I proceed to Step no 2-9, my nuvi reboot itself, after that my nuvi screen show a big Garmin logo and freeze, on top of garmin logo, has show message "System Software missing", How I going to do now ?? I am no idea what i making wrong ? I just follow the step by step. Please help. Thanks

  2. kindly email to

  3. Does this method work? Based on the comment posted by James, it does not. Please post your comments. Thanks.

  4. works perfectly. "System Software missing" means that James deleted the system files in the unit.

  5. Thank you. This patch works. I am now running SG 2.60 on a HWID 827 unit. Can one use Webupdater to update the modded unit? I don't think so.

  6. you can use webupdate to update the bluetooth if using 265W and some text/voice but go to to get firmware + maps.

  7. hi nuvi255W, everything smooth when I flash the firmware follow above instruction, then I copy all the backup Voice/text file from my computer, paste it back to my nuvi voice and text folder.
    When after safely remove hardware, my nuvi while map loading halfway it auto Restart !! UnSTop Loop of restart, and computer not detect my nuvi, I bought my nuvi from ebay, don't know how to return back garmin for repair.

  8. zakaria, you should not paste back the voice / text folder. you have to download the voice / text files provided and load them instead. if you need help, email

  9. sells USA units that are Hardware ID 0827 and SG/MY units are Hardware ID 0930. By using this method of flashing an nuvi 255W/265W to v2.30 SG/MY firmware, then installing the v2.60 (nuvi255W_SG_v260.exe) upgrade, and finally installing the local text & voice files, is the SgMyMal_2009_05_v220.exe map the only map that will support Junction View and/or Lane Assist? What about maps like City Navigator North America? Will Junction View and/or Lane Assist work on those as well? If so, what versions (2009, 2009.1, 2010.1, NT maps, etc...)?

  10. the native maps are still usable even after the update. however 255w US does not have lane assist / junction view for the north american maps in the 1st place. only the 7x5 series and above have the function.

  11. can taiwan 255w be flashed too? anyone sucessfully flashed taiwan unit 255w?

  12. Can this method work on the Garmin Nuvi265WT?

  13. Just flashed my 265WT unit. There is a missing step in the instructions above, you will need to install Web Updater from Garmin first before all else. Seems like there are some drivers which are installed through Web Updater

  14. This method is work on Taiwan unit?

  15. I flash my UNIT Nuvi 205W US version to SgMy version 2.60 as per tour instruction. But when I load SgMy map with JCV to my unit,it seem like the JCV didn't trigger for 205W.

    So this method will work for 205W or not, Do I missing something?

  16. is there any way to revert back to the previous firmware after flashed?

  17. Thanks for the great work. I just flashed my 255W to the SG firmware without a hitch.
    Do I have to install all the voice and text files? I really got no need for most of them. Can I just copy those I need?
    Also I have updated to the latest 2.70 firmware. It comes with siilar files. Should I keep them or use yours?


  18. So if somehow I managed to screw it all up, how do i revert to my old firmware? Just copy back all the files that I backed up after using some software to boot the nuvi in USB mode?

    Just making sure i got something to fall back on before I go flash my US Nuvi255W and localise it.


  19. please help me.... my 205w taiwan set after finish the step, JCV picture not come out... only have juction exist.

  20. i tried it with my v5.30 265wt. For step 2-7, updater always notifies "No updates are available for the product" and the update process is aborted. Any hint on this?

  21. Hi Lynn,
    you need to change the name of firmware file, *.rgn (the beginning four numbers) so that it is the same (0 and the three gps id #) as gps id 930 or 827 or 932, you can find your gps id in the *.xml file in your gps, after the part number. After that, replace the file name for file *.rgn with 0

  22. Has any body been sucessful with the 205w?

  23. sort of, using the downgrade to US and then flash to sg/my I now have lane assist but not junction view (or at least i haven't seen it come up) on my european maps. I didn't boot the 205w up after installing the US firmware, just installed the sg/my straight over the top

  24. ah, what i've just realized it that junction view has a seperate file and folder in /Garmin which the 205w doesn't have. I guess the malsing maps install this folder and file so you can get junction view but if you have factory installed maps the folder and files won't be there....can anyone confirm this? (sorry for double posting in the blog posts but this one seems more active and the question is relevant)

  25. Thanks air, I'll try to flash my 205w soon.


  26. i follow your steps. it flash successfully, but junction view doesnt work. now i have MSM map and city navigation map for north america. did i miss out some steps?

  27. yloon - junction view only seems to work on MSM maps not euro or us maps. Lane assist should work on all maps though.

  28. Hello,
    i have the nuvi 205 (EURope) not it is not a 16:9 ratio screen (widescreen), it is a 4:3 ratio screen. Does this flash method works on this model ? I m wondering because size screen is different, maybe software/firmware is the same for both models. I would be happy if it works to have at least the icon of lane assist ..more happy to have lane assist and junction view on my nuvi 205 (France map) :-) Regards, Olivier

  29. i face a problem is after i flash to sigmal v2.5 then my 205w no more voice and system voice also lose, how can i get back it?????
    my is after flash became sigmal 2x verison

  30. Hello to All. I guess I need HELP big time - my 205W will not power up afer successfully flashed to v2.80!

    Rename the 093200010280.rgn to 082700010280.rgn and downgraded with Updater. Successfully reboot itself once. Power off and try to continue to v2.30 but it failed to power up again since. Please help - its DEAD.

  31. Hi there,
    I Success to FIRM Taiwan Verison 255W And 265W.
    But why i don't see any junction view on road??

    Can anyone tell me this?? @.@

  32. Please someone help? My Garmin 205W is flashing white screen now after flashing the firmware. Is there any way to restore it to the same? Please help. i use 093001000230sg.rgn and it happened

  33. using 093001000230sg.rgn after using this , my garmin 205w has white screen flashing. Can someone help me, can it be repaired by flashing back to the old firmware

  34. my updater.exe couldn't detect my garmin..
    am i missing any step?

  35. I am the same problem too ... Updater.exe does not recognized my 255w. Do I need to install a Garmin driver first ?

  36. hi,

    i seem to be missing the next turn distance displayed on screen when i updated my nuvi 255w.
    Is there a setting i should change?

  37. Hi. thanks, I have succeded in converting my USA Garmin 265W to a local one with JV. I have since upgraded the firmware to version 2.70

    The Malsingmap on your blog is a bit dated. There is a newer version; October 2009.

    Is there any way to download this newer map? I don't have access to the download page at the Malsingmap forum.

  38. I got the error on my nuvi after step 9 :

    and garmin rebooted n missing software :(

  39. Does this work for North American Maps, so we would have Junciton View in North America?

  40. I am trying to perform the update by the updater doesn't recognize the unit. I noticed that if you power on the unit and hold the power button it turns back off causing it to not be recognized.
    Am I doing something wrong? any tips?

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  43. Hi,

    I succesfully change my firmware from 205W US version to SG/MY version following your instruction.

    I have some tips for those who want to reflash their firmware.

    1. Make sure you installed usb driver for your GPS.File can be download from garmin.Otherwise firware loader will not recognized your GPS device in USB mode
    2. Make sure your GPS battery is full.If your GPS battery died during the reflashing process most likely you will brick your GPS device (can't be used anymore).I don't have suggestion on how to make this dead GPS back to work.Maybe you can ask Garmin,try to reflash back or GOOGLE
    3. After the loader process complete on your PC,click ok.The GPS is still reflashing and let the GPS stay a while without touching anything because the GPS still running in background doing the reflash.The GPS will go black screen and the screen will look like it rebooting.I forgot how many times the screen will reboot but mine were twice.

  44. nuvi255W - I have a question about the firmware update involved with junction view.There was a discussion in Malsingmaps forum about only firmware 2.30 have the junction view and Garmin disabled the junction view function for the firmware update above 2.30.Did you use 2.30 firmware or the latest firmware version (2.80 now)?Can you verify whether junction view work with the new firmware?

  45. Two thumbs up on a magnificent write-up. Saved me a trip to the dealer for a looping restart issue after update. Keep up the good work. Definitely worth a recommendation to the other GPS forums out there.

  46. Tried numerous times but the updater does not detect my Nuvi 285WT in USB mode. I have downloaded the latest Garmin USB drivers, so what else could be wrong ? Thanks

  47. Boss,can you help me?
    I want thai voice (vpm.file) for my Garmin nuvi 765.
    Because when i insert thai_vpm.file.
    It come "incompatible audio version".
    Can send me a file.
    Hope can help me...
    My email :

  48. hi there..i'm...i have a problems here..anyone can help me???
    i alr prepare n downloaded all the files needed...
    but i just stuck on first step.. the updater was unable to detect my gps nuvi 205w!!!
    could anyone help me n guide me on this??



  49. help!

    i tried to reflash my Garmin 285W and it didn't work. now it's just stuck at white screen and keeps rebooting.

    any solution? pls email

  50. Just got my new 285wt. Been trying several times, but get stuck with the updater that does not detect my Nuvi 285WT in USB mode. Using Windows 7 and it could detect the Garmin as an external drive alright!

    Any advise??? Thanks.

  51. i have just bought a nuvi 285wt too, can this conversion work for 285wt model?


  52. is anyone replying to any of the post now?

  53. I have a nuvi 205w and live in North America, will this work for this region? After flashing with v2.8 what do I then upgrade with to get junction view and lane assist? Do I need to delete text and voice files since I am in North america ?

  54. Hi can someone help? Thai 2010.10 map is good, no problem! but jcv can't use, due to show a pirate locking on my 205w tw s4_r version, is there any solution? Please help if it can be and tks anyway.

  55. Hi i have a US set, model Nuvi 855 .. coming back to sin soon. Wondering if it will work if i flash it to local rom .. (Anyone got experience in tis) .. if cant .. i may just have to get a 2xx model.

    Pls .. anyone can email me at

    Thks in advance

  56. Hi,
    I would like to try this out on my europe version 255W but step 2 "1. Download v2.30 firmware." is not working anymore . Where can i find the file i need ? Is this working with the europe maps ?
    Many thanks,

  57. hi I have a US version Garmin 855, can it convert the software to SG/MY as well?

    anyone can pls email me at

    many thanks

  58. A few days ago the download link worked.
    Now it doesnt, Any mirros out there?

  59. Hi i try to download the firmware version 2.30 from your link, but unfortunately the files has been removed. can you please sent me the link to download firmware version 2.30? i'm using US 255w(without junction view feature) i would like to flash the firmware to Sg/My version is it possible to do this?

  60. Hi,
    Have the same problem as Liang above!
    Would be awesome if you could either update the link or send me a mail with the file.
    Thx for a great job!

  61. pls update the link thanks..

  62. Same problem:
    - Link dead firmware 2.30
    - Nuvi 255w Not detected

    Please update your link :-(
    Or anyone else has an idea?


  63. I guess this place is closed ... that's a shame.

  64. please help me my garmin 255w Australia version when i was holding the Power Button the "updater.exe couldn't detect my drive i already install garmin USB driver so strange please help me


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